Harlan Hill

Harlan Hill

A VIP Tour of the US Mid-Term Election: The Referendum on Donald Trump!
Harlan Hill
Harlan Hill
Democrats for Trump

Hill has advised more than 120 campaigns in six countries and 29 US states. He is a GOP consultant and a former Democratic consultant who has advised issue advocacy campaigns for Fortune 500 companies — including American Airlines, AT&T and Cisco — and on issue-based campaigns for labor unions, including AFT, SEIU and FEA. Hill’s analysis and commentary are regularly featured on television, including Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and Sky News.

Hill got his first taste of politics working in the UK Parliament at age 15. He worked his first campaigns the following year in Liverpool on the data and field operation of the Liberal Democrat party and back home on local races in South Carolina.

In 2009, Hill founded Code & Politics. C&P was a Washington, DC-based digital agency for Democratic campaigns, labor unions and corporate issue advocacy campaigns. Hill developed an innovative model where his firm ‘white labeled’ to large traditional political media firms that lacked a digital operation.

In 2012, Hill joined Indigo Strategies as a partner and worked extensively in the 2014 European Union elections for the pan-European political party, PES, and its candidate for President of the European Commission, Martin Schulz.

In 2014, Hill founded the Washington, DC-based startup, TallyVoting. At Tally, Hill built a team focused on disrupting the $35 billion election technology and voting machine market. Under Hill’s leadership, the company pioneered the adoption of low-cost hardware and a SaaS delivery model as an alternative to the United States’ antiquated election infrastructure.

In 2015, Hill joined Headliner, a venture-backed news startup building a crowdsourced Daily Show, as the Head of Product. At Headliner, Hill managed the design & development of the startup’s mobile app.

In 2016, Hill founded Democrats for Trump, a coalition of moderate Democrats supporting the election of Donald J. Trump.

In 2017, Hill joined the Advisory Board of President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Today, Hill is the Managing Partner of Logan Circle Group, a public relations and political consulting firm advising tech startups, high-profile individuals and select political projects.