Justin Germany

Justin Germany

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Justin Germany
Justin Germany
Rep Media Consultant

Justin Germany leads Outlaw Media - using his 15 years of experience in video production and advertising to leverage a network of creative professionals around the country.

Even in an industry that has been democratized by new technology, Justin is still the rare creative Maverick who not only has the skills to produce, write and direct - but is an artist who can shoot and edit as well. Over the years he has produced and edited thousands of web videos and TV ads.

Previously, Justin was a founder of CRAFT Media Digital - a full service political advertising and public affairs agency, where he led the creative practice.

Germany cut his teeth in Presidential politics, serving as Director of Online Media for the McCain 2008 Presidential campaign. Producing numerous TV ads and web videos, including "The One" which New York Magazine named the best ad of the entire 2008 campaign.

In 2004, he served on the Bush-Cheney \'04 re-election campaign as the videographer and web video editor, filming the President in a cinema verite style as he campaigned across the country.

Justin\'s work has been written about in the New York Times, Details Magazine, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, the Weekly Standard and many more. In 2007 he was named a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections magazine.

In his spare time - Justin is a pop art painter - known by his initials "JGG".